Computer Science Faculty

Complutense University of Madrid

Student of the degree in computer engineering. [2015-2021]

Member of the FDI's Ethical Hacking group (FDIst) . [2016-2021]

An Honors Degree in Electronic

President of Diskobolo Association. [2019-2021]

Collaborator of the Office of Free Software and open technologies of the UCM. (OTEA). [2017-2021]

Subchampion of the Virus programming Tournament of the UCM. (CoreWarUCM)



Work experience in Microsoft Ibérica, thanks to the program "Windows PC Ambassador".

For several months, I was testing internal builds of the operating system, Windows 10, with specific hardware from different Microsoft partners.


Programming languages

Knowledge in high-level languages such as C, C++, Java, Javascript, PHP, CSS, HTML.

And knowledge in assembly-type languages such as ARM and REDCODE.


Sopra Steria

Work experience at Sopra Steria, as an API Management technician.

Currently I am working in administration and development of APIs in the French consultancy, Sopra Steria.



Some of my work, projects, knowledge and work experience.


Experience in creating Web pages with HTML5 and CSS3.


Experience in creating and maintaining Windows server and Linux/Apache-based servers.

SSL Certification

Experience in creating SSL security certificates for Web pages.


GCE degree in technological sciences.


Creation of professional documentation in LaTeX, accredited by the Complutense University of Madrid.

Hardware knowledge

Degree in formative activity "Everyday applications of Computer architecture", accredited by the Complutense University of Madrid. (Soon)

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